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If you have been banned in a channel other than #help, #mibbit or #chat, there is nothing Mibbit staff can do to assist.

The Mibbit staff ONLY administrates the #mibbit, #help and #chat channels. Mibbit does not control other irc channels to which you may connect. There is nothing we can do to help with a ban originating on other channels. We are not joking. No means NO!

We offer these suggestions:

  • The best action to take regarding a ban is simply to wait until it expires and/or is lifted by the person that set the ban in the first place.
  • Contact one of the operators in the room, and discuss the ban. Understand that not all operators are reasonable, and you may not get anything useful out of it. They might remove the ban, if you are polite enough for them.
  • Visit the website of the chatroom. Review their help pages, wiki or forum.
  • It is possible that you are banned for a technical reason. Review too many connections for more information, if applicable. Furthermore, some channels ban nicks starting with "mib_".

No matter where you are banned, listening to the operators and not making fun of them helps your case more than it hurts. Being respectful is the easiest way to get operators to remove the ban. Complaining repeatedly about being banned is the best way to ensure your ban will be extended by several days or longer.

If you are banned and send pm's to Mibbit staff repeatedly or ask to be unbanned repeatedly in the channels #help, #mibbit or #chat, this may result in a server-wide ban. #help is NOT for dealing with bans, period.

Any Mibbit staff email received requesting to be unbanned from channels other than #help, #mibbit or #chat will be ignored. Please send your email to the network/channel responsible for your ban.

See also: Blacklisted

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