I am banned

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You are at this page for one of two reasons. Either you were banned in #mibbit, #chat, or #help or you were banned in another channel. If you were banned in one of the aforementioned channels, then understand the following:

  • The person who set the ban is the one who unsets it.
  • If you were banned for obvious misbehavior, asking why is a bad idea. Try looking at the rules for those channels.

If you were banned in another channel, what can be done is limited. You will have to contact one of the operators of the room, and ask that the operator unbans you. Whether or not you get unbanned is up to that operator, and the operators of the aforementioned channels cannot do anything to overturn it.

In either case, listening to the operators and not making fun of them helps your case more than it hurts. Being respectful is the easiest way to get operators to remove the ban.