IRCd Config/Inspircd1.1

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These are instructions for how to configure your Inspircicd1.1 installation for use with the Mibbit system.

  1. Locate the cgiirc module in the inspircd.conf called
    Look for
    <module name="">
    and uncomment it.
  2. Locate the cgihost tag below and configure as follows:
  1. Choose type as Webirc
  2. In the password attribute, enter the appropriate Mibbit password as provided by the administrators.
  3. In the mask attribute, enter our IP address
    Note: In some cases its been reported that connection from mibbit users were not resolved to the correct address. In some cases this can be fixed by setting the mask to "*". This is NOT recommended behavior.
Your cgihost should look like this:<cgihost type="webirc" password="Your password here" mask="">
  1. Locate your connection block and add an additional block as follows