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These are instructions for how to configure your InspIRCd 1.1 installation for use with the Mibbit system.

  1. Locate the cgiirc module in the inspircd.conf called
    Look for
    <module name="">
    and uncomment it.
  2. Locate the cgihost tag below and configure as follows:
  1. Choose type as Webirc
  2. In the password attribute, enter the appropriate Mibbit password as provided by the administrators.
  3. In the mask attribute, enter our IP addresses (main:, widget:
    Note: In some cases its been reported that connection from mibbit users were not resolved to the correct address. In some cases this can be fixed by setting the mask to "*". This is NOT recommended behavior.
Your cgihost should look like this:
<cgihost type="webirc" password="Your password here" mask="">
<cgihost type="webirc" password="Your password here" mask="Template:Mibbit WIDGET IP">
  1. Locate your connection block and add an additional block as follows
   allow="Template:Mibbit WIDGET IP"

The major difference from your normal <connect> block should be the allow parameter and the globalmax and localmax. The reason for these changes is so that the server does not identify several users of mibbit as coming from the same IP and then raises a session exceeded error.


If you are having problems getting the module to work, try rehashing and reloading the module after configuration changes. The easiest way to do this is by rehashing, then issuing the command "/reloadmodule". Sometimes only a server retart helps.

For more information: InspIRCd m_cgiirc documentation