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'''Can I use Mibbit on my website?'''
'''Can I use Mibbit on my website?'''
Yes. Checkout the guides on the wiki.
Yes. Checkout the guides on the [[Widget]] page.
'''What is the frogs name?'''
'''What is the frogs name?'''

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What is Mibbit?

Mibbit is an online webchat client. At the moment it supports IRC, and is pretty feature rich.

Can Mibbit do other character sets?

Mibbit supports, and uses UTF-8. UTF-8 contains all the characters you would ever really need. Please try and get other people on IRC to use UTF-8.

What can run Mibbit?

Anything that has a modern web browser. Desktops with ff/ie/opera/safari, iPhone, wii, Nokia n800, probably many other devices as well.

What is Mibbit written in?

The frontend is written in Javascript, and the backend is Java from the ground up - no framework, or web server.

Won't everyone get banned?

Mibbit sends over your IP address to every IRC server you connect to. If you are abusive or misbehave, only you will get banned, and not the whole of mibbit.

Can I use Mibbit on my website?

Yes. Checkout the guides on the Widget page.

What is the frogs name?