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Main client and Premium Widgets Only

Filters are a simple yet useful system to replace (main client only) or block text. They can be applied to incoming or outgoing IRC chat.

How to Use

Just go to Prefs -> Filters and setup your own.

Part What it does
REGEXP This is a javascript regular expression to match against
Replacement The text you want to replace with (not available in premium widgets)
Command Commands to send when REGEXP matches. Not in all releases yet (only in cbe00*).
In If checked, it'll be applied to any incoming IRC chat
Out If checked, it'll be applied to any outgoing IRC chat
Block If checked, do not send or show text.

Note that the filters are applied from first to last, only once.

For the regular expression syntax, see

If part of the regex is going to be in the replacement, place it in parenthesis, and call it by $<number> where the number is signified by which set of parenthesis it is.

Possible Usages

For the main client:

  • Replace irritating abbreviations:
    • BRB -> Be right back
    • i18n -> internationalization
  • Filter out offensive words:
    • Damn -> by the beard of Zeus!
  • Store commonly used responses:
    • tellWidget -> "The widget is a fantastic thing that you can find more info about here....."
  • default:
  • Use a matched text within the replaced string


  • ^gn$
    • Matches only if you send "gn". Will not match " gn" or "gn " or "You have a gn".
    • [Start of line][g][n][End of line]