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Filters are a simple yet useful system to replace text. They can be applied to incoming or outgoing IRC chat.

Just go to Prefs -> Filters and setup your own.

  • REGEXP - This is a javascript regular expression to match against
  • Replacement - The text you want to replace with
  • In - If checked, it'll be applied to any incoming IRC chat
  • Out - If checked, it'll be applied to any outgoing IRC chat

Note that the filters are applied from first to last, only once.

For the regular expression syntax, see

You could use this to:

  • Replace irritating abbreviations
    • BRB -> Be right back
    • i18n -> internationalization
  • Filter out offensive words
    • Damn -> by the beard of Zeus!
  • Store commonly used responses
    • tellWidget -> "The widget is a fantastic thing that you can find more info about here....."