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This page has a list of default preference settings. Use of it as you will. Ordered by location on prefs instead of by the internal name as shown on Prefs, and also includes information on what the preference does.


General Preferences contain the preferences on the tab bar, and on technical aspects.


Name Default (main client) Default (widget) Comment What it does
UI Language English English Sets the language of text on the client
Default Charset UTF-8 UTF-8 Sets the character set for the client


Name Default (main client) Default (widget) Comment What it does
Tabs On Left False False Removes the tab bar, and puts a tab list on the left side of the chat
Left Tabs Width 160 160 Only if Tabs on Left is True Sets the width (in pixels) of the tab list
Tab Spacing 4 4 Gap between horizontal tabs
Tab Font Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif Sets the font for the tab bar or list
Focus new channels True True When joining a channel, automatically switch to that tab
Blur received PMs True True Don't let them pop into the foreground when they arrive
#users on channel tabs True True Shows the number of users in a channel beside the name in the tab
Show closers on blurred tabs False False Shows a closing link (X) on every tab


This is a part of Alias.
Alias Name Command What It Does
/j /join $1- Smaller command to join channels
/cs /msg ChanServ $1- Message ChanServ with only two letters.
/ns /msg NickServ $1- Message NickServ with only two letters.
/bs /msg BotServ $1- Message BotServ with only two letters.
/ms /msg MemoServ $1- Message MemoServ with only two letters.
/os /msg OperServ $1- Message OperServ with only two letters.
/voice /mode # +v $1 Voice a user/nick
/devoice /mode # -v $1 Remove voice from a user/nick (/unvoice is the same)
/ban /mode # +b $1 Ban a user/hostmask (/ban<space> = show list with unban buttons)
/unban /mode # -b $1 Remove a ban from a user/hostmask (/deban is the same)
/op /mode # +o $1 Give operator status to a user/nick.
/deop /mode # -o $1 Remove operator status from a user/nick (/unop is the same)
/halfop /mode # +h $1 Give half-operator status to a user/nick.
/dehalfop /mode # -h $1 Remove half-operator status from a user/nick (/unhalfop is the same)
/admin /mode # +a $1 Give super-operator status to a user/nick (called Admin on Mibbit, use "/raw admin" for the ircd command)
/deadmin /mode # -a $1 Remove super-operator status from a user/nick (/unadmin is the same)
/owner /mode # +q $1 Give owner status to the user/nick
/deowner /mode # -q $1 Remove owner status from the user/nick (/unowner is the same)