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== Registering your Nickname ==
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# '''Choose a user name or nick'''. This user name should consist only of the letters from A-Z, the ciphers from 0-9 (but not as first character) and certain symbols such as "_" and "-".  It may have a maximum of 16 characters. Please note that some nicknames are used internally and cannot be used. Also, please stay family friendly with your nicknames
#'''Change your user name to the user name you have chosen'''. Suppose you chose the nick ''"applecake"''.  Type the following in the window titled irc.mibbit.com:
#:<code>/nick applecake</code>
#  '''Register your nick or user name'''. Type the following command and replace ''your_password'' with a password that will be easy to remember and replace ''email@address.com'' with your correct email address
#:<code>/msg nickserv register ''your_password'' ''email@address.com''</code>  
#:If you want your email address to remain private, use the following command:
#:<code>/msg nickserv set hide email on</code>
# '''Register an alternate nickname using the same password'''. If you would like to register an alternate nickname, repeat the same procedure, using steps 2 to 3. Alternatively type /ns GROUP mainNick mainPass (see /ns help group)
#'''Identify with Nickserv'''. Each time you connect, you should sign in, or "identify" yourself, using the following command:
#:<code>/msg nickserv identify ''your_password'' </code> ( or <code>/identify ''your_password''</code> on some servers )
#'''Auto connect with mibbit:''' For your convience, if you are using the full http://www.mibbit.com version and are registered and logged in, you can add that nick and password to the "My Account" list to be auto-identified.
( /ns is an alias for /msg nickserv on most clients )
'''Please note''' that registering on the irc servers (such as irc.mibbit.com) is different from creating an account/registering with Mibbit (using the login/register fields up the top of the page).
'''Note:''' If you get on the server (after registering) and someone else has taken your name: type in /msg NickServ GHOST <username> <password> to kick the user from your nickname. Then type /nick <username> to change your nick back!
You can also do '/msg NickServ help' or '/ns help' for extensive help (some servers also use /nickserv). See also http://dev.anope.org/docgen/en_us/NickServ.php .
After successfully registering your nick you now might also want to [[create your own channel]].
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