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Content is any non-command sent from the input box to the IRC Server. The types of content that Mibbit recognizes are normal content, escaped content, filtered content, smilies, links, and Latex. It is possible to have multiple types of content in the same input.

Normal & Escaped Content

Normal content is any content that does not fit into any of the otherwise described categories. Most text falls into this category.

Escaped content only references a double-backslash (//) at the beginning of the input. This escapes the backslash so that the input is treated as content and not as a command.

Filters, Smilies, & Links

Filters are available for the main client and premium widgets, but not for basic widgets. Filters are done to content either before it is sent by the Mibbit client or after it is received from other clients. Basically, content of one type is converted into content of another type. Filters are based off of regular expressions.

Smilies are similar to filters except for the fact they are allowed in basic widgets, and are not based on regular expressions. Smilies replace content with an image. Clicking on a smilie disables it.

Links are either of the type protocol://subdomain.domain.tld/sub/directories.filetype#part?query or #channel. Basically, if you would think you should be able to click on it to go to another site or join a channel, you can. The only exception is that parenthesis stop links. To deal with this, escape the open parenthesis with %28 and the close parenthesis with %29. For example, say one wanted to link to Instead of placing that, they should write so that the Mibbit client can parse it. Spaces in a URL should either be replaced with a %20 or an underline.


Latex is a specialty system for parsing math equations. A Latex content starts with a {? and ends with a ?}. Only the Mibbit client can parse Latex, so make sure that the person you want to see the equation either has a specific Latex parser or is on Mibbit.