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|desc=Remove user from channel temporarily.
|desc=Remove user from channel temporarily.

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{{#switch: mw |m={{#set:Client=Main}} |w={{#set:Client=Widget}} |mw={{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}} }}{{#set:Type=IRC}}/kick {{#if:user [optional reason]|user [optional reason]|}}{{#if: | [{{{disabled}}}]|}}{{#if: Remove user from channel temporarily.|:Remove user from channel temporarily.|}}{{#if:

| :Output:  {{{output}}} | }}

A kick is a command that temporarily removes the target user from a channel. It is not permanent and it is possible to rejoin a channel you've been kicked from (unless you are banned). To perform a kick, a user must have been granted halfop or higher in the channel. Some clients, though notably, not Mibbit, have an auto-rejoin after kicks feature.