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Hi there. Thank you for taking an interest in #mibbit! Here's a few rules and guidelines you'll want to follow.

1. Change your nickname.

Although not enforced, generally it's less confusing on everyone else if you don't have a nickname such as mib_wi5ru6. If you have a nickname that begins in mib_, please type /nick nickname, for instance, if you wanted to be called swordfish, you would type /nick swordfish. Whilst you're at it, why don't you register your nickname?

2. #mibbit is a social channel.

#mibbit is not a dating channel, it's not a gaming channel, nor a support channel. If you need help with Mibbit, try joining #help (just type /join #help).

3. Please speak in English.

If you want to speak in other languages, please type /join #chat.

4. Moderate what you are typing.

Please don't spam links to other channels, and please don't abuse other users, swear, or do anything someone else might find offensive. No bots are allowed on #mibbit, except Kenneth.

5. Don't PM people without asking first!

Please don't PM people without their permission; if you have their permission, type /msg nick message.

6. Don't ask for OP, HalfOP, or Voice.

If those in charge feel you deserve them, then you will get them. Asking will only keep you from getting them.

7. Do not use CAPS.

It's like you are yelling to people and thats rude!
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