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Channels are both simple and complex. This page will be a reference of all the major features of channels. The information here will be for the server.


/cs register <#channel_name> <channel_password> <description>

See also: Create your own channel

To register a channel, be sure to have your nick registered. Then use the command /msg chanserv register <#chan> <Channel Password> <Channel Description>. The user using the command must have Op or higher to use the command. Entering an empty channel will give a user op if it is not registered.


/topic <new_topic>

To identify what a channel is about, there is a thing called the "topic". This topic shows up when joining the channel, and also shows up when you type /list on a server.

To change it, a user will need operator privileges in the channel. Then, in Mibbit, the user must type /topic New Topic

Example: /topic This is a test channel

Colors in Topics

When using the Mibbit client, colors can be added to topics using the following method. (There are also other methods regarding colors in topics that are not within the scope of this article.)

Visit the following external website (maintained by Molkmin, one of the Mibbit IRC Opers):

Follow the instructions on that page.