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Guide to connecting to BitlBee from Mibbit.

BitlBee is an IRC to instant messaging gateway providing you with the opportunity to connect to Yahoo IM, Google Talk, Facebook chat and Twitter. BitlBee is written and provided by developers at Mibbit provides an installed BitlBee server to use or alternatively you can choose one of the publicly available BitlBee servers.

Steps include;

1. Get a Mibbit account and Nickname

2. Connect to a BitlBee server from Mibbit

3. Use the BitlBee commands to add your chosen IM account details

4. store an auto-connection to BitlBee inside your Mibbit 'Account' tab so it starts every time :)

1. Get a Mibbit account Sign up for Mibbit at [1] chosing an account name and a secure password of your choice. Don't forget to include an e-mail address in case account recovery is needed later. Next, choose a Mibbit nickname and register it by following this guide: [2]

2. Connect to a BitlBee server from Mibbit. Choose from public servers (listed here: [3] ) or click this this link to use the Mibbit one: (you'll be joined to &bitLbee channel)

3. Add IM account details;

To configure your accounts start by typing the command 'help quickstart' in the &bitlbee window.

The main commands are;

register <your_chosen_password> identify <your_chosen_password> account add <protocol> <email> <email_password> account on

4. Store bitLbee details for auto-connect In your Mibbit 'Account' tab add a new entry with the name of the BitlBee server you chose earlier.

That's it !