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A ban is a method of keeping users from returning to a specific channel or server.

Channel Bans

Banning in channels are done most commonly with the channel mode +b. The IRC command for banning is /mode #chan +b nickname!username@hostname. To make this easier, the Mibbit client has a default alias of /ban nickname!username@hostname. To remove a ban, either use the IRC command of /mode #chan -b nickname!username@hostname or the Mibbit client default alias of /unban nickname!username@hostname or /deban nickname!username@hostname.

To view the banlist, use the command /mode #chan +b. A list of banned users is shown in the form of:
[cancel ban button] [nickname!username@hostname] [operator who banned] [time of ban]

If there are ops that are new to IRC, they may accidentally ban the entire channel by banning *!*@*. To easily recover from this, users can make sure certain hostmasks for unable to be banned with the channel mode +e. To use, find out what the hostname of the person is, and use the command /mode #chan +e *!*@hostname.