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== Preferences ==
== Preferences ==
General -> Back: By default, on.  Automatically sets your client back when you type something.
{{:Preference:Auto back (General)}}
General -> Auto Away Time (s):  Time before going auto-away.  Set to some really high number (like 86400 <an entire day>) if you wish to disable.
User List -> Sort Order:  'Active' is one option, and places those that are not idle.
Chat Data -> What to Show -> Aways and Backs:  Completely hide aways and backs by checking this off.
{{:Preference:Auto away time (s) (General)}}
{{:Preference:Sort order (User list)}}
{{:Preference:Away and backs (Chat data)}}

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The IRC Specification specifically allows clients to mention whether they are here or away. As such, almost all clients have the two commands /away and /back. Mibbit is no exception. Further, Mibbit has an auto-away feature that defaults to 10 minutes, and can be disabled or have the time changed in preferences.

/away Reason

Will show, to those who choose to see it

--- yourNick is away (Reason)


Will show, to those who choose to see it

--- yourNick is back

When you are away, the Mibbit client changes the color of your nick to gray (by default), and moves your nick to the bottom of the userlist (again, by default).


Preference:Auto back (General)

Preference:Auto away time (s) (General)

Preference:Sort order (User list)

Preference:Away and backs (Chat data)