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  1. Login to the Mibbit main client or create an account.

  2. Make sure your nick is registered on the server that you wish to Auto-Identify on. For, see Register nick
  3. Click Account and fill in the following details
    Leave as Nickserv unless on specific servers.
    Character Set
    Change only if you cannot use UTF-8

  4. click [Add] and save!


  • click "Channels", fill in:
    • "Server" (same as above!)
    • "Channels", e.g., #myCh1,#myCh2[ optional_chKey]
    • leave "Auto-Connect" checked (for your favorite rooms)
    • click [Add] and save!
    • "Server" (same as above!)
    • "Channels", e.g., #myCh3,#myCh4[ optional_chKey]
    • uncheck "Auto-Connect" (for rooms visited only on demand)
    • click [Add] and save!

Repeat those steps for other servers (there must be only one checked autoconnect line per server).