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How many people are using my widget?

If you run a site, and are using the widget, you might want to show elsewhere on your site how many people are using it. Well now you can do that easily.

The results are updated every 20 minutes, so should give you a reasonable idea of how many mibbitians are chatting but not the exact number.

First thing you need, is the settingsID. This is in the widget URL you are using.

For example: widget.mibbit.com/?settings=42c110f3cbbaea489c0b0e40a40e6e18&channel=%23mibbit

The section in bold is the settingsID

Just replace (settingsID) with your particular ID.

Using the API

The link below outputs just the number of mibbitians using your widget. You could use this from PHP,Python,etc and get it to output in the page.


api.mibbit.com/42c110f3cbbaea489c0b0e40a40e6e18 (plain number Example)

This one outputs a snippet of javascript which will write to the document the current number. So you can include this in your HTML, without any backend changes needed.


Usage (on your html-page):

There are <script src="http://api.mibbit.com/42c...e18.js"></script> people chatting 


api.mibbit.com/42c110f3cbbaea489c0b0e40a40e6e18.js (Javascript example)

api-demo (full blown example)

You might prefer to use this link, it’s likely that later on this one will contain more useful info as well.


It doesn't show anything but delivers data as json object to be processed by your javascript (e.g. ajax call).

There are also a couple of graphs updated at

http://api.mibbit.com/graphs/(settingsID)_week_mini.png (thumbnail)

http://api.mibbit.com/graphs/(settingsID)_month_mini.png (thumbnail)



Last 4 weeks 
<img src="http://api.mibbit.com/graphs/42c...e18_month_mini.png">
user stats.

Request a Feature

New API features are in the works, and this page will be updated when they are available.

For any feature requests for the new API, ask at #help on irc.mibbit.net or add them to the WishList