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{{#set:Client=Main}} {{#set:Client=Widget}}{{#set:Type=External Reference}}/splay sound-url

If the sound-url is a sound format your browser can play, it plays the sound file. Otherwise, it fails silently.
Output: None (audio)

Play sounds from the chat line

Mibbit can instruct your browser to play sounds right from the chat line using the command /splay.


Use the command


by typing it into the chat line in either the Main Client or the Widget

the command accepts one parameter which needs to be a valid reference to an audio file.



The example above will play the Mibbit PM message audio file (ribbit.wav) located at

Browser support

Not all web-browsers work the same. Most support playback of wav files, even IE7 and IE8. Newer browsers support all or a mix of mp3, ogg or m4a formats too (e.g. Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE9)