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When I type, I get this message:

Can not send to channel: #TheChannelName

And other variations on the theme.

The reasons are varied, and depends on many related and unrelated settings.


I get the message in every channel, no matter what I type

Further, you can not join any new channels. You have apparently been shunned (a type of ban that is a forced mute of your connection) network wide.

I get the message in one or more, but not all channels, no matter what I type

You have apparently been banned in that channel.

I get the message in one or more, but not all channels, when I try to type in color

Channels can be set to disallow color. For example, Unrealircd channel mode +c

I get the message in every channel when I type a link

It is possible that the link has been filtered network wide. The network has determined that the link you are trying to type, or some variant of that link, is either unsafe, being sent by a spambot, or has turned into a network wide nuisance.

  • For example, other users may be spamming some game link everywhere, or in inappropriate channels, just to get more people to click their link, to get them points, to help them win an iPod, and other variations on a theme.
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