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Widget Parameters

** Twitter functionality for the widget is not available any longer. Changes to the Twitter feed api meant that showing tweets was no longer practicable. **

There are three parameters for widgets that are based off of Twitter. They are as follows:

  • hashtag
  • colorTwitterUser
  • colorTwitterHashtag

If the hashtag parameter is set, the widget will show every tweet that has that hashtag in it in real time to the user. If the colorTwitterUser parameter is set, the Username of the tweeter will be that color. If colorTwitterHashtag is set the tag sill show that color.

I.e. &hashtag=worldcup&colortwitteruser=blue&colortwitterhashtag=%23DF73FF

This will retrieve tweets for hashtag 'worldcup' every 10-15 seconds. The twitter username will be blue and the tag will show up in Heliotrope (hex#DF73FF)

You can use alternate hashtag searches so that you can see multiple tags, find tweets near: something or even just show tweets from a particular username. See twitter search operators for details. Remember to escape hash marks with %23.

Two new commands are available to show and hide tweets so that users may hide tweets.

  • /hidetweets (hides tweets)
  • /showtweets (shows tweets if hidden before)

These are also on the menu.